07 Jul

– aka The Most Amazing Kisser (Paano mo malalaman kung hindi mo susubukan?)
– Very high appeal. (No comment.)
– A Cancer’s love is one of a kind. (Mismo!)
– Very romantic. (Ewan ko lang.)
– Most caring person you will ever meet in your life. (Pwede na.)
– Entirely creative person, most are artists and insane, respectfully speaking. (Hindi ako creative, period.)
– They perfected sex and do it often. (Soon, let’s see. Haha! ✌)
– Extremely random. (Medyo.)
– Extremely funny and is usually the life of the party. (Natatawa naman kayo sa mga jokes ko, ‘di ba? ‘Wag ka aangal!)
– Most Cancers will take you under their wing and into their hearts where you will remain forever. (Solid.)
– Cancers make love with a passion beyond compare. β™₯
– Spontaneous. (Natural!)
– Not a fighter, but will kick your ass good if it comes down to it. (Yeah right.)
– Someone you should hold on to. (You can count on me.)

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