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HoR initial deliberations on bills seeking to restore mandatory ROTC

2017-08-14 - NUSP reiterates opposition to mandatory ROTC in House meeting.jpg

The nerve! Members of the AFP and DND had the guts to approach and greet me after I reiterated our opposition to the restoration of mandatory ROTC and slapped on their faces that they do not have the ascendancy to teach discipline and nationalism to Filipino students. Kinumusta rin ang mga Lumad sa UP Diliman! Kapal ng mukha!

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Kristel Tejada, Rosanna Sanfuego, Jhoemary Azaula, Nilna Habibun, at Jessiven Lagatic. Pasensya na at nahuli. Tuloy ang laban! #FreeEducationNow #NoTuitionCollection #NSMOE


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Duterte admin economic managers’ claim that government cannot provide free education is baseless and misleading. Free tuition and other school fees (OSF) cost only around P14 B, not P100 B as DBM claimed. Solons know this. Also, how come the government can’t afford to provide free education when its infrastructure program “Build, Build, Build” gets P1.097 T or 1/3 of 2018 budget?

Their claim that free education has little impact on poor, citing that only twelve percent (12%) of them are in SUCs, is misleading and ignorant of the reasons why they are out of school in the first place, and makes free education all the more necessary. It is appalling how government is insistent to defund SUCs to prevent “exodus” of students from private schools, and the loss of profit for capitalist-educator owners.

The removal of free tuition in the proposed 2018 budget is a disservice to the Filipino people, and it reflects the neoliberal and anti-people thrust of #Duterte government. The fight for free education continues as TOSF collection, profiteering schemes (i.e. UP’s Socialized Tuition System), and neoliberal policies remain in full force. The Filipino youth will mount sustained protests and join the nationwide walkout for #FreeEducationNow on August 31!


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3rd year of EDCA

Today marks the 3rd year of the signing of the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA) that allows the US to operate PH facilities or so-called “agreed locations” as military bases and to preposition war materiel. With the escalating US-North Korea tension, there is all the more reason for #Duterte to abrogate this lopsided agreement to prevent involvement in US conflict overseas. #JunkEDCA #USTroopsOutNow

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ASEAN 2017

Long weekend but no thanks to the ASEAN Meeting where leaders will discuss further deepening of economic liberalization that has only caused depressed wages, contractual jobs, stunted agriculture and manufacturing sectors, and widespread poverty.

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Today marks the 5th year of the Supreme Court decision ordering the distribution of Cojuangco-controlled Hacienda Luisita to farmers. Landlords still have control over the estate. But today, landless farmers will #OccupyLuisita and retrieve their land.

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NUSP’s interview on TV5 Aksyon sa umaga re: mandatory ROTC




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